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Direct Factory Supplier of Expanded Metal Machine and Sheet Metal Products

As a trusted supplier, we export expanded metal machine and mesh products to Russia, the Middle East, Africa, Mexico and other countries.

Shangqi has a selection of sheet metal processing machine models that will help set up and manufacture quality expanded and perforated metal products. We have decoilers, levellers, punching press, flattening machine, shearing machine, slitting devices and dies to meet your requirements for various material processing.

Our Values
We believe in constant and sustainable development.
In production: We invest constantly in research and development and supply machines with high standard working efficiency for sheet metal processing.
Over the last 20 years we have constantly invested significantly in R&D, developing a wide range of new machine and mesh products for your industrial needs.
In business scope:
We started from expanded metal machine and expanded mesh products for building industries. Then we gradually expand our product lines, now we produce wide range of sheet metal making machines as well as finished products for a variety of applications.

Featured Products

Our expanded metal machines are designed for stretching, slitting and flattening of expanded metal sheets with the thickness of 0.5mm - 8.0mm and the maximum width of 3100mm. Custom designs can be discussed. Expanding holes are mainly diamond or heavy diamond ( hexagonal). Perforated metal machines can be used for perforation of more hole patterns: round, fish scale, diamond, slot and decorative patterns.

Finished products mainly include the expanded metal facade screen, ceiling and wall cladding mesh sheets, fencing panels, shelving, anti slip safety grating, decking, shading net and ventilation screen, etc.

Materials for Machine Working
Metal plates processed include Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Aluminum, Nickel, Titanium as well as other materials.

A Wide Range of Application
All our metal screen products are made with guarantee consistent quality in hole size, sheet size and mechanical properties. We supply micron hole, standard hole and heavy big hole expanded metal and perforated metal for a wide range of industrial uses. From fine filtration screen to security guarding panels. Major materials for processing include Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Nickel, Titanium and more.


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