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Perforated Wire Mesh

Material:stainless steel, galvanized iron plate, Aluminum, Brass plate, carbon steel, Nickel plate, PVC plate, etc.

Openings could be round, square, triangle, long round, diamond, hexagonal, cross, etc.

Thickness: 0.5-25mm

Opening Dia. for Round hole mesh:1-19mm

Rolling mesh: Thickness 0.2-1mm, length 1-20m, opening 0.8-10mm;
Flat mesh: Thickness 0.02-10mm, size 1.5*3m, opening 0.02-100mm.

Features: corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, crimping resistance, acid and alkali resistance, it also has flat and nice appearance.


Perforated Wire Mesh is suitable for screening in pharmacy, petroleum, mining, pharmaceutical, filtering of air and oil, house decoration, making of furniture, ventilation of grains, sound devices, etc.

Perforated Wire Mesh 01
Perforated Wire Mesh 02
Perforated Wire Mesh 03
Perforated Wire Mesh 04
Perforated Wire Mesh 05
Perforated Wire Mesh 06



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