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Dezhou Shangqi Expanded Metal Machine Factory

Dezhou Shangqi Expanded Metal Machine Factory, China Expanded Metal Exporters, Wire Mesh Machine manufacturers, exports to Russia, the Middle East, Africa, Mexico and other countries, trusted by the user.

Dezhou Shangqi Expanded Metal Machine Factory in the long-term production practice has accumulated a wealth of experience. Established a set of complete quality inspection system. A variety of mechanical products strictly in the national standard and enterprise under the control of internal standards for production. Product quality, a step to a new level, winning many new and old customers at home and abroad acclaim.

In order to meet the new Expanded Metal Machine Expanded Metal Mesh actual production needs, a number of independent design process of control and stepless variable speed motor FM network in order to achieve a more smooth surface smooth, beautiful, rib marks small, high added value.

We developed a new type of expanded metal mesh is divided into five kinds of punching machines: I-type expanded metal machine, II expanded metal Machine, III expanded metal Machine, IV-type expanded metal machine, V-Expanded Metal Machine, VI expanded metal Machine. these types of models can punch 0.1mm-8mm thick, 100mm-2000mm wide variety of materials of metal plates, mesh size of the mold can be replaced.

Expanded Metal products in one machine to display a variety of materials of steel or iron to punch, and then stretched into a diamond mesh expanded metal mesh, which is known as diamond-shaped expanded metal mesh. The other is its steel plate formed by punching holes or various special-shaped mesh.

Expanded Metal Machine operator types can be divided into electronic control technology, numerical control.

Punching Machine for pressure punch series of expanded metal mesh machine, changing to red all kinds of mold immediately after the steel mesh network, including various sizes of circular shaped mesh and mesh.

Usually have the following steps to complete the steel net production: pre-test, adjusting machine tools, production of expanded metal mesh.

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